Personal Contact Programme (PCP) Schedule for Admission Stream 1 Block I 2017-18 for Apr 2018 Examination

Important : The Co-ordinators are requested to submit the PCP Schedule Online. It is important and Mandatory for PCP Payment after due receipt of the utilization Certificate. The coordinator have to obtain the Email id and the Password from the Regional Centre respectively.

Steps for Registration and Entry of PCP Schedule

  1. The Email Id and the password is with Respective Regional Centre. Kindly obtain the same for entering into the system
  2. The Coordinator is requested to Click on the Link - Click to enter the PCP Schedule
  3. On the Registration page kindly provide the email id and the passowrd obtained from Regional Centre.
  4. In case you have forgot the password then kindly obtain the same from Regional Centre.

Click to Enter/Modify the PCP Schedule - for AI (Adm 2017-18 Stream 1 Block I)

Click to view the PCP Schedule - State Wise (Adm 2017-18 Stream 1 Block I) - For Learners

Click to view the uploaded PCP Schedule - Region Wise(Adm 2017-18 Block I)


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